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Arabic Writer | Copywriter | translator

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Passionate about the art of communication and the written word, I am a freelance Arabic writer, copywriter, and translator. With a focus on delivering captivating content, I have extensive experience writing articles for online magazines and websites.

My writing expertise spans a wide range of topics, including health, education, self-care, parenting, and more. I have a knack for researching and crafting informative articles that engage readers and provide valuable insights.

Additionally, I have worked as a translator and copywriter for various agencies. My fluency in Arabic and English enables me to bridge the language gap and accurately translate content from Arabic to English. I take pride in providing high-quality translations that maintain the original meaning and style.

One of my main interests lies in translating children’s and young adult books. I am passionate about preserving the magic of storytelling and bringing captivating tales to young readers.




Bachelor degree in Education

  •  Damascus University