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Michel Chamaa is a screenwriter, content writer, and ghostwriter with more than 10 years of experience. His professional journey spans across media, film, fiction storytelling, advertising, tech, fashion, and personal branding with major labels such as Shahid, Red Bull, WHO, and Annahar.

He currently works for Prestidge Group as a content writer and ghostwriter for high profile clients including entrepreneurs and CEOs, and keynote speakers. The content he writes spans over thought leadership and industry-specific topics to boost their LinkedIn and social media presence while capturing the clients’ Tone of Voice. Additionally, he ghostwrites articles that are published on major platforms including Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, and Business Arabia, and contributes to the client’s branding strategy. He also writes client speeches, opinions, and interview responses also published on major platforms including WiredME and Khaleej Times.

Michel also worked with TheSoul Publishing as a scriptwriter for the leading YouTube channel Brightside which has accumulated more than 44 million subscribers since its inception. He wrote an array of topics including Tech, Fiction, Space, Fun Facts, “What if” scenarios, and many more.

Previously, he worked as a content writer for Proud Panda Network Technology where he wrote website content, social media, blogs, and everything in between. Months after joining, he was given the opportunity of managing the customer support team while still maintaining the company’s voice as the lead writer.

As a script writer for Last Floor Productions, he was part of the writer’s room as a staff writer for the Lebanese fiction series “The Fixer” (2020) and as a production coordinator for “Al Shak” (2020), a Saudi-based production, both released as Original Series under Shahid.

With Red Bull, Michel worked as a producer for an ad spot for the Cliff Diving World Series in 2019 and as a videographer and editor for various projects.

In his spare time, Michel enjoys reading fiction and creating comics centered around Lebanese issues and lowbrow humor webcomics. His art was featured in an international virtual gallery under Echoes from Lebanon and published in a collective art book Artists for August featuring a plethora of artists based in Lebanon.

He graduated from Notre Dame University with a BA in Directing/Writing in 2018 and continues to master his craft.