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Your Linguistic Partner for Driving Success in Lebanese & GCC Markets

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The world speaks in a thousand tongues…

…yet profound connection is found in one language: understanding.

Standing at the crossroad of communication, I’m here to help you understand and be understood.

You want your communication strategy to hit the mark – right tone, impact, and all? Let’s partner up and leverage my 6th sense for cultural nuances to:

➠ Achieve breakthroughs

➠ Innovate ingeniously

➠ Promote multicultural collaborations

Trust that in Arabic, English, and French, you and I will navigate without any language or cultural hiccups. I love turning visions into reality! My portfolio’s the blueprint, but your vision drives the build! So, what are you waiting for? High fives and fresh opportunities are guaranteed.

Let’s open the door together!


Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation

  •  Lebanese University
  •  Oct 2019 - Jul 2022

• Relevant Coursework: Specialised Translation (Economic, Legal, Medical, Literary, Journalistic), Subtitling, At-Sight Translation, Applied Linguistics, Translation Theories, Politics & Current Affairs, & Chinese HSK3.

Master's Degree in Translation and Interpretation

  •  ETIB – Saint Joseph University of Beirut
  •  Aug 2023 - Present

• Specialised translation (conference reports, agendas, proceedings, minutes, & presentations; international treaties, agreements, & conventions; international laws; diplomatic communication; oil & gas field; Islamic finance), verbatim reporting, & UN editing;
• Translation studies & terminology principles, research methods, & pedagogy | hands-on practice with WIPO;
• AR/EN transcreation & copywriting (including slogans, taglines, product descriptions, web content, social media posts, email campaigns, brochures, etc.), as well as newswriting;
• Web interface design & blog management (UX, SEO, & coding principles, including HTML, CSS, & JavaScript basics) | WordPress skills for content writers;
• Liaison interpretation (in the fields of public health, immigration, tourism & museums, courts, education, election observation, etc.);
• Ethics, entrepreneurship, & project management for language professionals;
• SDL Trados certification (including MTPE, QA, TM & TB management, etc.)


TWSL (تواصل) – Tandem Wordcraft Solutions

Explore TWSL (تواصل) | A Personal Commitment to Cultivating Understanding and Upholding Integrity Welcome to TWSL, where translation lies at the heart of every successful interaction. I'm excited to introduce you to this initiative that's all about making the world a bit smaller and more connected through language services. But, hey! Let's not make this a one-sided conversation. Follow the TWSL page and drop a message to discover industry-specific insights and how I help you overcome language hurdles and achieve your vision. Fostering connections and honoring diversity – at your service! 🌍✨