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Immerse yourself in a universe where stories come alive through a vivid fusion of words and visuals. I’m Philippe, a trilingual (English, French, and Arabic) social media content creator and a certified yoga teacher. I have the privilege of teaching both at my local studio and online, reaching out to people across the globe. My diverse experiences span from co-founding Niya Community and Yogi Nomads, a yoga studio and retreat organizer, to managing the social media of a mixed real estate project, and earning a master’s degree in Blockchain Technology and Digital Currencies.

My creative journey is reflected in my varied writing portfolio. I’ve penned articles for the Lebanese community, aimed at spreading hope during challenging times, and narrating the inherent heroism in everyday stories. I’ve also ventured into the world of children’s books and am currently working on my first novel inspired by a true story.

Whether it’s vibrant social media posts, articles, or designing a meaningful message, each of my creations resonates with authenticity, depth, and a keen understanding of my client’s unique needs.

The interactions from my yoga teachings and my engagement with diverse communities have polished my communication skills and offered me profound insights into the human psyche. This understanding, combined with my trilingual capabilities, allows me to craft content that resonates across various demographics and business needs.

With me, you’re not just engaging a content creator, but a partner who can understand, adapt, and align with your vision. Leveraging my knowledge about people, markets, and industries, I am poised to create content that amplifies your brand, enriches your message, and resonates with your target audience.

My experiences and dedication speak for themselves. I am committed to establishing a positive work history on this platform, and I am excited to bring my skills, knowledge, and adaptability to your next project. Should you see potential in my expertise assisting your projects, I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating and accomplishing remarkable work together.


MSc in Blockchain Technology & Digital Currencies

  •  University of Nicosia
  •  Sep 2021 - May 2023

This Master's program offers a comprehensive dive into the world of digital currency and Blockchain technology. Merging disciplines like Finance, Management, Computer Science, and Information Systems, it crafts a holistic understanding of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain applications. From the foundations of Blockchain and Digital Currency to advanced topics like Token Economics and Cryptographic Systems Security, students are immersed in both theory and real-world case studies. Graduates are equipped to excel as skilled Blockchain developers, astute financial consultants, or innovative entrepreneurs. Further academic pursuits, including doctoral studies, are seamlessly accessible post-completion.

BS in Business Marketing

  •  Lebanese American University
  •  Sep 2019 - May 2021

The BS in Business Studies, with an emphasis on Marketing, equips students with a robust blend of business management skills, specifically tailored to the multifaceted world of marketing. Graduates emerge poised to delve into advanced studies like MBA, MS, or MA, or to pursue professional certifications, adeptly steering the narrative of any brand they encounter.

International Foundation Program (Social Sciences)

  •  University of Kent
  •  Sep 2016 - Jun 2017

The Kent International Foundation Program (IFP) is primarily designed for international students, allowing them to develop their academic knowledge and skills, and if required their English language ability, for entry to Undergraduate study at university.

The program, on offer at the University of Kent for over 40 years, takes place on the Canterbury campus and students are full members of the University with access to University accommodation and all academic, welfare, social and sport facilities on campus. With academic subject modules and academic skills modules taught by highly qualified University of Kent tutors, the IFP leads to a range of degree programs in the Social Sciences including pathways to Anthropology, Business, Journalism, Law, Psychology, and Politics. See 'Related to this course' below for other IFP pathways.


The Princess & The Unicorn

The Princess & The Unicorn

A fantasy novel tailored for girls aged 10 to 13, 'The Princess and the Unicorn' intertwines magical escapades with themes of empowerment and self-discovery. As the author, I spotlight the hero within, inviting readers into a realm where inner strength reigns supreme. Attached are 3 chapters from the book.

Cyzo\'s Journey: The Hero\'s Path

Cyzo's Journey: The Hero's Path

Targeting boys aged 8 to 9, 'Cyzo’s Path - A Hero’s Journey' captures a young hero's adventures, emphasizing resilience and bravery. Crafted to inspire a spirit of exploration and strong character in young minds. Attached are 3 chapters from the book.

Manic Soul

Manic Soul

'Manic Soul' narrates the journey of a young child grappling with difficulties, which intensify as he steps into adulthood, engulfed by a manic state and plagued with mental delusions. Amidst these challenges, he encounters a higher calling, only to face further life obstacles. As the author, I've intricately captured this tumultuous voyage from innocence to enlightenment, inspired by true events. Attached is a passage from the book.

Unique Social Media Captions for Holistic Teachers

Unique Social Media Captions for Holistic Teachers

I have curated a distinctive set of social media captions tailored for holistic teachers. With a commitment to originality, these captions stand apart from commonplace content, designed to resonate deeply with the target audience.

Reclaim the Playground: Unleash Your Health through the Power of Play

Reclaim the Playground: Unleash Your Health through the Power of Play

"Reclaim the Playground" is a testament to the transformative power of play in our lives. In this book, I explore how the simple act of play, often forgotten in adulthood, can be harnessed to enhance health, well-being, and vitality. Through a blend of research and personal insights, the narrative encourages readers to reconnect with their playful side, positioning play as not just a childhood pastime but a key to holistic health. Attached is an extract from the book.


The One Book Woman

I had the honor of interviewing a brave breast cancer survivor and chronicling her poignant life story in this article. Her journey, filled with challenges, resilience, and triumph, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone facing life's adversities. Through our intimate conversation, the article paints a vivid portrait of strength, courage, and the indomitable human spirit. Full article in Project URL